Is my foot pain normal?

No. Foot pain of any type is not normal. Any foot pain should be evaluated by a Podiatrist.

Am I too old to have surgery?

No. Age is not the main factor in determining who can have surgery. General health status, activity level, and patient goals and motivation are far more accurate predictors of successful outcomes.

I am Diabetic, can I have surgery?

Yes. Diabetes, unless severely out of control is not a contra-indication to surgery.

My nails are thick, very hard, and unsightly, is there anything I can do?

Yes. Thick, discolored, hard to cut nails may be caused by a fungal infection. This can be treated with medication that is generally well tolerated by most people. Simple blood tests can determine if you are a candidate. Fungus is not the only cause of abnormal nails. Psoriasis, systemic disease, and certain medications can cause abnormal nail growth. These conditions will not benefit from anti-fungal therapies.

Will my Diabetic wound ever close?

Diabetic wounds that do not heal can be complicated by many things. Poor circulation, underlying infection, hypertension, pressure, venous insufficiency and varicose veins, and collagen vascular disease can prevent wounds from healing. It is imperative that the cause of the ulceration (wound) is determined and the appropriate action is taken to address the problem (ie., referral to a vascular surgeon, treatment of underlying infection).

The ultimate goal in treating wounds is closure and prevention of recurrence.